Speaker 1

Aref Tavassoli

CEO & Lead teacher

مدرس رسمی دوره ی علوم کامپیوتر دانشگاه هاروارد، برنامه نویس ارشد پایتون ،برنامه نویس اندروید و ویندوز اپلیکیشن

عارف توسلی حجتی

مدیر و مدرس سی اس فیفتی رشت


About :

CEO and Lead Teacher at CS50x Rasht.

Innovative and enthusiastic Computer science educator with a passion for critical thinking/problem-solving and sharing a love for technology and science.

10+ years of experience as a computer science teacher in both private and public settings.

Official partner and instructor of Harvard's CS50 course.

Master's Nuclear physics student at IKU.

Recognized as an influential figure in modern teaching methods of computer science.

Experienced Full-Stack Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the research industry.

Skilled in MATLAB, C#, Python, Java, nodejs, and MCNx. Dosimeter High-Voltage Circuit Designer.

Powerhouse UPS automation system inventor.

Computer Programming teacher and research counselor at MiM Institute.

AI50 Teacher, Machine learning, Principles of physics, Numerical calculations, and Health physics T.A. at IKIU university.

University Entrance Exams' Physics teacher.

مدرک مدرسین عارف توسلی از واحد تحصیلات تکمیلی دانشگاه هاروارد
مدرک مدرسین هاروارد